Wood Homogeneous and Super-Stable Rigid Hybrid with Cork or IXPE

*Multi-layer Extreme Performance Coatings
-Giving Tunbridge its unmatched resistance, anti-stain and anti-bacterias to heavy foot traffic, scuffs and scratches.
*Deep Structured Decorative Layer
-Hybrid EIR stands for comfort in its warmest form.
*It has a perfect heat condition, which make them an ideal match with floor heating.
-Providing the look & feel of a premium hardwood flooring
*Premium High Density Vinyl
-Providing an ultimate protection & resistance to impacts
*Rigid Composite Core
-Free of Harmful Content
-Free of Ortho-Phthalates
-Extra Stable
-Extra Sound Absorbent
‘Easy-to-Install Extra Tight Tap Down Click System’
*Hypoallergenic Cork Backing
Naturally hypoallergenic & waterproof cork is THE natural solution for exrtra protection sound absorption & an extra underfoot



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