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Mattmaster- Electron Beam

Through the irradiation by MattMaster (electronic beam), a tough surface with high bridging density is formed, giving the resin high functionality. Scratch resistance, pollution resistance, and UV resistance can be accomplished by saving energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the manufacturing process. Unlike UV technology, it does not need a solvent coating. MattMaster is a green coating technology that is safe and reduces the environmental load.

Product Performance
  • High performance resin makes cleaning and stain removal simple and easy.

  • Resists water, wear, damage, and scratches

  • Formaldehyde-free, benzene-free, no harmful VOC’s and other air pollutants. Low energy use and carbon emissions during production. Environmentally friendly.

Water Resistance and Dimensional Stability

Moisture cannot penetrate, promoting strong dimensional stability and preventing installation failures such as arching and cracking.

Soil and Stain Resistance

MattMaster Technology high-density resin molecules, makes soil and stain resistance more effective

Coating Strengthen Surface
  • Low odor and easy-to-clean

  • Durable and scratch resistant

  • Consistent performance

  • Stickers and adhesives can be easily removed

  • UV resistant, no fading

  • Low VOC emission

Protection of the Environment

Energy savings are realized with MattMaster throughout the entire chain.

  • Manufacturing: Compared with regular  surface products, MattMaster has a 40% reduction in carbon emissions.

  • Shipping: Use of MattMaster reduces weight by 35%, effectively reducing transportation costs.

  • Recycling: MattMaster is recycled as solid fuel and can be converted into thermal energy.

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